Helpless teen Renee Roulette went to a party last night with friends and woke up to find she was stranded. Her friends actually left her. She has no car, money or phone. Luckily, a white van pulls up. She talks to the driver and begs for a ride. She'll do anything to get home. Her hero seems like a great guy but wants to be satisfied first before bringing her home. Renee is openminded, showing him her breast. He surprises her with rope and ties her wrists together. She must submit to her new Master's love of rope bondage, domination, BDSM, rough sex and deepthroat blowjobs, all outdoors. He even has a dungeon with sex toys for a slave training session. Renee becomes an obedient slut and begs for cum.

Published 2016-12-18 00:33:32
10:00Taming the shrew

Taming the shrew

about 16 days ago

10:00No one to save her

No one to save her

about 18 days ago

10:00Making her a whore

Making her a whore

about 19 days ago

10:00No way to escape

No way to escape

about 23 days ago

10:00Choked and fucked

Choked and fucked

about 24 days ago

10:00Can't fight back

Can't fight back

about 25 days ago

10:00Ruined innocence

Ruined innocence

about 27 days ago

10:00Teen gets ruined

Teen gets ruined

about 28 days ago

10:00Maledom massacre

Maledom massacre

about 1 month ago

10:00Teen gets dehumanized

Teen gets dehumanized

about 1 month ago

10:00His little fuck-toy

His little fuck-toy

about 1 month ago

10:00Dumb cum-dumpster

Dumb cum-dumpster

about 1 month ago

10:00Abduction seduction

Abduction seduction

about 2 months ago

10:00Exploiting a whore

Exploiting a whore

about 2 months ago

10:00Nailing Michelle

Nailing Michelle

about 2 months ago

10:00Teen's sexual awakening

Teen's sexual awakening

about 2 months ago

10:00Lost/lust with a teen

Lost/lust with a teen

about 2 months ago

10:00Sex slave queen

Sex slave queen

about 3 months ago

10:00Teen destroyed in a van

Teen destroyed in a van

about 4 months ago

10:00She still enjoys all of it

She still enjoys all of it

about 1 year ago

10:00Submitting a young slut

Submitting a young slut

about 1 year ago

10:00Forced teen slave

Forced teen slave

about 1 year ago

10:00Lost and found

Lost and found

about 1 year ago

10:00Teen gymnast used and abused

Teen gymnast used and abused

about 1 year ago

10:00Bella's in danger

Bella's in danger

about 1 year ago

10:00Hot torture for a gymnast

Hot torture for a gymnast

about 1 year ago

10:00Gymnast hottie kidnapped

Gymnast hottie kidnapped

about 1 year ago

10:00Helpless teenager in hardcore bondage sex

Helpless teenager in hardcore bondage sex

about 1 year ago

10:00Rough guy fucks beautiful teen mercilessly

Rough guy fucks beautiful teen mercilessly

about 1 year ago

10:00Tiny teenager resists forceful sex in car

Tiny teenager resists forceful sex in car

about 1 year ago