Teanna is a wise older stepsis. Here, she teaches her little bro three important lessons. The first lesson was DONT JUST STAND THERE! She caught him peeking at her nude body through the edge of the doorway. This is a no-no. You have to jump in a be apart of the action. She basically forces him to explore his sexuality with her by allowing his cock in her mouth an pussy. Its safe to say Teanna is one of the best mentors of all time. Lesson two, THE GOOD NIGHT KISS. When it gets close to sleepy time and a lady friend is near, its always polite to allow a goodnight kiss. Not on the lips, but on your cock! Teanna once again used her amazing mouth and throat to make little bro question everything hes ever known in his life. The final and most important lesson of all, was HOMECUMMING ETIQUETTE. When someone you love dearly, like your big sis, has been away for a long time, it is customary to not just tell them how much you missed them, but also show them. Teanna’s idea of the perfect homecumming greet is with her lil bros mouth crammed down her throat and in her pussy. Whats better than a warm hug? A fat load ejected right into your stomach so you can feel the loviness for hours instead of just seconds. Thanks for being the best teacher Teanna!

Published 2016-11-27 02:05:47
09:00Helpful sister

Helpful sister

about 20 days ago

09:00Gynecology lesson

Gynecology lesson

about 23 days ago

09:00Deep connection with a sis

Deep connection with a sis

about 26 days ago

09:00Their dirty family values

Their dirty family values

about 4 months ago

09:00Creampie for a stepsis

Creampie for a stepsis

about 5 months ago

09:00Rebound stepsis fuck

Rebound stepsis fuck

about 5 months ago

09:00Best stepsister ever

Best stepsister ever

about 5 months ago

09:00Making progress

Making progress

about 5 months ago

09:00Fresh cum for his stepsis

Fresh cum for his stepsis

about 5 months ago

09:00Ruined stepsis BJ

Ruined stepsis BJ

about 5 months ago

09:00Being there for his stepsis

Being there for his stepsis

about 5 months ago

09:00Her second lesson

Her second lesson

about 5 months ago

09:00Really successful blackmail

Really successful blackmail

about 5 months ago

09:00Stepsis and her bubble butt

Stepsis and her bubble butt

about 5 months ago

09:00Perfect rebound

Perfect rebound

about 5 months ago

09:00Lesson from a stepsis

Lesson from a stepsis

about 5 months ago

09:00Stepsister slave

Stepsister slave

about 5 months ago

09:00Financially supporting his sis

Financially supporting his sis

about 5 months ago

09:00BBC for his stepsis

BBC for his stepsis

about 5 months ago

09:00Steprbro\'s insightful advice

Steprbro\'s insightful advice

about 5 months ago

09:00Nothing in the world\'s for free

Nothing in the world\'s for free

about 6 months ago

09:00Forced at first

Forced at first

about 6 months ago

09:00Helping her out

Helping her out

about 6 months ago

09:00Some BJ practice

Some BJ practice

about 6 months ago

09:00Blackmailing the stepsis

Blackmailing the stepsis

about 6 months ago

09:00She's getting better

She's getting better

about 6 months ago

09:00Anything for the cash

Anything for the cash

about 6 months ago

09:00Her lips are sealed too

Her lips are sealed too

about 6 months ago

09:00Not the boyfriend

Not the boyfriend

about 6 months ago

09:00Stepsister's helping hand

Stepsister's helping hand

about 6 months ago