Avery’s stepbro is not like the rest. He cares about studying, working hard, and always making the grade. His mommy is so proud of him, and its safe to stay his stepsis is a little jealous. She wants to see him crash and burn, and maybe have some fun and get ahead while doing it. She approaches him as he is completing his homework, and pretty much has him do it all for her. He honestly doesn’t mind because he keeps getting distracted by her perky tits. She starts to rub them on him. He tries to stop her explaining how much trouble he could get in with mom. Avery doesn’t care, and immediately grabs his dick and starts sucking it. Stepbro has no idea how to react. Mom comes to check on him and asks where Avery is, stepbro quickly hides his dick being sucked and shoes her away, saying he doesn’t know. Avery then resumes by riding his dick then sucking it until he gives her a Grade A cum shot. Mom comes back in before Avery can wipe the jizz off, and its extremely noticeable. Will she get grounded or shipped off to boarding school? Watch and find out!

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Published 2017-08-12 02:36:47
09:00Helping mommy out

Helping mommy out

about 14 days ago

09:00Step-siblings lust

Step-siblings lust

about 7 months ago

09:00Thick girls get facial'd

Thick girls get facial'd

about 8 months ago

09:00Cousin loves it

Cousin loves it

about 8 months ago

09:00Twice the hotness

Twice the hotness

about 8 months ago

09:00Begging for more

Begging for more

about 8 months ago

09:00Shower-time fuck-fest

Shower-time fuck-fest

about 8 months ago

09:00Can't keep up

Can't keep up

about 8 months ago

09:00Kinkiest cousin

Kinkiest cousin

about 8 months ago

09:00Her dick cravings

Her dick cravings

about 8 months ago

09:00One ain't enough

One ain't enough

about 8 months ago

09:00Almost a glory hole

Almost a glory hole

about 8 months ago

09:00Impure pussy

Impure pussy

about 10 months ago

09:00Sent to school

Sent to school

about 10 months ago

09:00The lust of Zelda

The lust of Zelda

about 10 months ago

09:00Stepdaddy loves it rough

Stepdaddy loves it rough

about 10 months ago

09:00Not fun to fight

Not fun to fight

about 10 months ago

09:00Not so pure

Not so pure

about 10 months ago

09:00Not too sick to fuck

Not too sick to fuck

about 10 months ago

09:00In the family

In the family

about 10 months ago

09:00Perfect family

Perfect family

about 10 months ago

09:00Daddy's little liar

Daddy's little liar

about 10 months ago

09:00It gets better

It gets better

about 10 months ago

09:00A quick deal

A quick deal

about 10 months ago

09:00High fever

High fever

about 10 months ago

09:00Happiest thanks giving

Happiest thanks giving

about 10 months ago

09:00Dirty with daddy

Dirty with daddy

about 10 months ago

09:00Not a nice girl

Not a nice girl

about 10 months ago

09:00... and eat it

... and eat it

about 10 months ago

09:00Pounding a Pokemon whore

Pounding a Pokemon whore

about 11 months ago