Alex was hoping to take a nice private shower. Too bad her stepbro forgot his phone in the bathroom and had to interrupt. He decided to be polite and not bother her, but as he snuck in he heard her pleasuring herself. Stepbro was fixated at this point. He decided to bother her, and break the lock on her door knowing she would finish in her room. Sure enough, the plan worked like a charm. Lets just say these stepsiblings got a little too close this encounter. A few days later, Alexs stepbro ran out of data on his phone and couldnt jerk off. He annoyed Alex to use hers, but she just got grossed out. Stepbro then realised he doesnt need the internet for sexual stimulation when he has a smoking hot stepsis right in front of him. Sure enough, stepbro somehow pulled Alexs first BJ ever and boy was it beautiful. It was also the day they both learned what it truly means to swallow. The next day, stepbro asks Alex to wake him up in a few hours since his alarm clock is fucked up. Alex agrees, two hours pass, and she goes to give the wake up call. She didnt give a cockledoodledoo, she gave him an any cock will do, right in her mouth. She started to suck, waking him up almost instantly. Stepbro was appalled and down to tell mom and dad, but maybe if he could just fuck and bust one more nut it could be their little secret. By the looks of Alexs cream covered face, we can go ahead and say stepbro had GREAT SUCCESS!

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