September 25th 2:12pm - Case #4785652 - Grand Theft/Fraud - Suspect has been observed for several weeks now. She has been working with a sales associate to defraud and steal from this establishment. Suspect has been purchasing one vinyl record and with help of the associate getting away with five to ten. A sting was set up, and both were caught in the act. Employee was immediately arrested and suspect was taken to LP office for questioning. Suspect was a pro and this was not her first operation. After hearing suspects side of the story and some legal bargaining, suspect was able to escape jail time with the promise of returning all stolen merchandise. Breaking of this agreement will result in automatic incarceration. Evidence logged on Sept 22, 2016.

Published 2016-12-12 14:24:19
09:00Redheaded shoplifter banged

Redheaded shoplifter banged

about 16 days ago

09:00The lesson she won\'t forget

The lesson she won\'t forget

about 1 month ago

09:00Backroom punishment for the thieves

Backroom punishment for the thieves

about 1 month ago

09:00Keeping her free

Keeping her free

about 1 month ago

09:00Slutty shoplifer\'s punishment

Slutty shoplifer\'s punishment

about 2 months ago

09:00Earning their freedom

Earning their freedom

about 2 months ago

09:00Staying out of jail

Staying out of jail

about 2 months ago

09:00Dirty little shoplifter

Dirty little shoplifter

about 2 months ago

09:00She will do anything it takes

She will do anything it takes

about 2 months ago

09:00Catching hot thieves

Catching hot thieves

about 2 months ago

09:00Shoplifter lifting her dress

Shoplifter lifting her dress

about 2 months ago

09:00Making a deal with a cop

Making a deal with a cop

about 2 months ago