Naiomi wakes up to stacks on stacks of dishes in the sink. She is definitely not about cleaning all of them up. Her stepbro always gets away with not doing chores and she had enough. She has the wildest way of teaching him a lesson. She goes to blow him until the point where he is just about to cum. Then she stops. This would leave any man dying inside, since all we really care about is getting our nut. She uses giving him that nut as leverage for him to do the rest of the chores until the end of eternity. Job well done Naiomi! The next day, Naiomi wants to go congratulate her bro about finally getting out of the house. She actually really doesn’t give a shit, she just wanted an excuse to catch him naked and blow him again. She even lets him cum right away this time, seems like she’s beginning to warm up faster and faster. Finally, Naiomi catches her bro chilling on the couch, only to talk with him about the gossip she has just heard. She just found out her stepbro got dumped by his girlfriend, and she thinks she can help him forget about it by offering her sweet little pussy up to him. He gladly accepts, and quickly forgets about his ex and remembers how much he loves fucking his stepsister. He’s so overwhelmed with emotion that he doesn’t have time to pull out, and leaves sis with a sticky creampie and lusty thoughts about brotherly love.

Published 2016-11-24 15:01:25
09:00Anal with his sister

Anal with his sister

about 18 hours ago

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Marley and me

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Sister's asshole

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Sis loves anal

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Spoiled little slut

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Step-siblings in trouble

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Stepsister's plight

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Stuck with a cock

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Friendly stepsis BJ

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Daring and dirty little sis

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Alone with sister

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Hardcore games with stepbro

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Seduced sibling

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So wrong and so right

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Butt for your brother

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Brutal siblings

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Bro is big

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No touching rule

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Your best POV

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Foxy step-sister

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Twisted siblings

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Can't stop at all

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Bro has her pussy

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Bro has her back

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Helpful sister

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Gynecology lesson

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Deep connection with a sis

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Their dirty family values

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Creampie for a stepsis

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Rebound stepsis fuck

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