Diamond Jackson finds her son's friend, Levi, throwing rocks at her son's window trying to get his attention. Diamond puts an end to that quick and hollers for Levi to come inside. Seems like Levi is having girl problems and was looking to get some help from his friend. Since his friend is out, Diamond decides to help Levi. She helps him forget all about that girl by fucking Levi senseless.

Published 2016-11-01 12:35:14
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Thank me later

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Moist MILF pussy

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Fawx fucks her son

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Perv's reward

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Seducing her step-son

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Man enough

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Revenge cheating madness

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Panty sniffer

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The real deal

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Sweet MILF pussy drilled

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Hot man-juice for a MILF

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Banging his friend\'s mom

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Son\'s friend\'s massive cock

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Young stud for a hot MILF

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Stepmom takes charge

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Making stepmommy happy

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Banging her son's friend

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Teaching her a lesson

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Big booty mama fucked

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