Emma is super excited to host one of the hottest slumber parties of the year! The only thing curbing her enthusiasm is her brother Richie. Hes not the most fun person, but he does promise not to interrupt the festivities, so looks like everything is good to go. Shyla and Liza arrive, give a quick hello to Richie, then head right into Emmas room to get this party started! The girls all got super cute matching pajamas and decide to dance around and twerk in them! The super accessible booty flap made this quite the enjoyable site to watch. After the dance sesh and some hair makeovers, the girls are just about pooped. They all start heading into dream land, until Richie comes in. He takes Shyla and Lizas dreams and turns them into pure reality. First he wakes Liza up with his cock at attention for some sucking and fucking action. Liza sucks Richie real good then spreads her pussy wide open for him. The only issue is that Richie cant ram her too hard, or else she will scream and wake up the other girls! He was still able to give her that good dick, hence that fat jizz bomb he busted all over her ass. Liza has never went back to sleep more relaxed in her life. Richie then makes his way over to Shyla, and tries to bat two for two. Now that his dick is wet, he has no problem sliding his slender cock right in Shylas tight little pussy. Shyla has to cover her mouth in order to contain herself, but the extra effort was well worth. Emma will never know how slutty her friends are, and Richie got two nuts from some of the finest teens we have ever seen. We better get an invite to the next slumber party installment.

Published 2016-12-14 01:20:11
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