Ever wonder what it would be like to see your sexual fantasies played out in a film? Well in XCONFESSIONS, Erika Lust does just that! Part of an ongoing series, this volume features 10 explicit short films directed by Erika Lust: showcasing her trademark cinematic style, fresh-faced performers and authentic stories created by the public.

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Published 2016-01-11 01:09:26
08:00Interracial lezdom is the best

Interracial lezdom is the best

about 2 days ago

08:00Twisted torture

Twisted torture

about 5 days ago

08:00Girls twinning

Girls twinning

about 7 days ago

08:00Pure torture

Pure torture

about 9 days ago

08:00Can't tell them apart

Can't tell them apart

about 10 days ago

08:00Domme is dirty

Domme is dirty

about 13 days ago

08:00Paranormal sex-tivity

Paranormal sex-tivity

about 26 days ago

08:00Poolside perfection

Poolside perfection

about 29 days ago

08:00Pounding by the pool

Pounding by the pool

about 1 month ago

08:00Kinky psycho sex

Kinky psycho sex

about 1 month ago

08:00Non-stop pounding

Non-stop pounding

about 1 month ago

08:00The kinkiest conffession

The kinkiest conffession

about 1 month ago

08:00Real lust

Real lust

about 2 months ago

08:00Virtual reality fucking

Virtual reality fucking

about 2 months ago

08:00That's called romantic

That's called romantic

about 2 months ago

08:00Pretty in pink

Pretty in pink

about 2 months ago

08:00Center of attention

Center of attention

about 2 months ago

08:00Mel is on fire

Mel is on fire

about 2 months ago

08:00Here kitty

Here kitty

about 2 months ago

08:00Perky and pounded

Perky and pounded

about 2 months ago

08:00Sweet and sexy

Sweet and sexy

about 2 months ago

08:00Spark goes sploosh

Spark goes sploosh

about 2 months ago

08:00Surprise at home

Surprise at home

about 2 months ago

08:00Magic Gio

Magic Gio

about 2 months ago

08:00Stoya's best work

Stoya's best work

about 3 months ago

08:00Color her aroused

Color her aroused

about 3 months ago

08:00The end of it

The end of it

about 3 months ago

08:00Paint it wet

Paint it wet

about 3 months ago

08:00VR fucking

VR fucking

about 3 months ago

08:00Historically accurate

Historically accurate

about 11 months ago