As episode one of “Luna’s Heavenly Bodies” begins, we see sexy director Sandra Shine in a cameo role, lecturing her translator, Luna Corazon, about being professional and not flirting. Ebony beauty Luna is bored, until she sets eyes on gorgeous Mexican brunette Frida Sante, who looks hot in her business attire. Naughty Luna translates into Frida’s native Spanish, but adds a few extra touches of her own, making sure they close the deal over a drink, and Frida ends up having to stay at Sandra’s place. Later that night, Luna is woken from an erotic dream about Frida showering by a knock at the door. It’s Frida, dressed in sexy lingerie. They take to the bed immediately, kissing noisily through moans of lust. Frida kneels between Luna’s spread thighs, sucking her nipples hard and kissing her way down to Luna’s waiting pussy. With a sensual delicacy, Frida tastes her new lover’s honey, licking her through her panties, making Luna cry out for more. Frida tugs Luna’s panties aside, finding her shaved pussy so wet and parting her dark labia with her tongue. Sensuality gives way to raw lust, Frida thrusting her tongue deep. Luna sits up to suck and squeeze Frida’s fantastic tits; then slides two hands under her ass and lifts her hips from the bed to eat her glistening pussy skilfully, talking dirty to her in sexy Spanish. Frida sits on Luna’s face, the hot tamale stuffing a couple of fingers into her own pussy as Luna tongues her clit, while the horny Brazilian babe is so aroused she plays with her own soaked slot too. The girls give each other intense orgasms before Frida creeps back to her room; but in the morning she has a surprise for Luna…

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24:19Irresistible lesbian brunette

Irresistible lesbian brunette

about 2 months ago

19:31In the heat

In the heat

about 3 months ago

22:59Steamy and sexy

Steamy and sexy

about 3 months ago

06:16BTS interview with a star

BTS interview with a star

about 3 months ago

27:12All it takes

All it takes

about 8 months ago

30:33Mature's allure

Mature's allure

about 8 months ago

25:18Her perfect fuck

Her perfect fuck

about 8 months ago

23:50Heat of the moment

Heat of the moment

about 10 months ago

34:44The hottest sensations

The hottest sensations

about 11 months ago

34:43Forbidden passions

Forbidden passions

about 12 months ago

33:43Her sweet relief

Her sweet relief

about 12 months ago

22:08Pussy eating machine

Pussy eating machine

about 12 months ago

29:00Point of no return

Point of no return

about 12 months ago

17:30Their one hot scene

Their one hot scene

about 1 year ago

27:15Angelic lesbian sex

Angelic lesbian sex

about 1 year ago

24:21Lusty lesbian lady

Lusty lesbian lady

about 1 year ago

33:45Dirty desires

Dirty desires

about 1 year ago

33:09Fantastic fingering

Fantastic fingering

about 1 year ago

28:04Lesbian kitchen sex

Lesbian kitchen sex

about 1 year ago