Busty Lena Love touches herself as she reminisces about a massage session with Talia Mint. In flashback we see Talia masturbating and watching as Lena undresses and lies on the massage couch. Talia starts with Lena’s feet and calves, then works her way up her thighs, uncovering her peachy bottom and lavishing it with attention. Lena moans as Talia’s hand slides between her legs to stroke her pussy, getting more and more aroused as Talia starts to finger her deeply. She turns over and Talia oils up her big breasts, teasing her nipples until they are rock hard. Talia fingerbangs her to an orgasm that has her hips rocking and back arching in ecstasy. When she’s caught her breath she undresses Talia, sucking on her perky nipples. Talia lies on the massage couch and Lena licks her pussy to a delicious climax, then slathers oil over her and fingers her skilfully, penetrating her pussy and rubbing her clit to take her close to the edge again. Lena climbs on top of Talia, fingering her to another orgasm, before Talia straddles Lena’s thigh and rubs herself to a final peak of pleasure.

Published 2016-12-11 13:31:43
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Irresistible lesbian brunette

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Lesbian kitchen sex

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