Malina and Haley are trying their best to see who could impress their dad the most this fathers day. Haley goes for the more traditional route of breakfast in bed and presents, but Malina has a few ingenious tricks up her panties. Malinas first trick was to wake her step daddy up with a blowjob in bed! Theres nothing like some early morning deepthroat to show daddy how much you care. So far, Malina is way ahead when it comes to getting the best daughter award. Next, Malina totally crashes Haleys bonding time with daddy. She takes control right away. They were watching football, but Malina had it switched to cartoons, which made Haley bored so she stepped out. As soon as she stepped out, Malina hopped right on daddys cock, and didnt stop even when Haley got back into the room. She used her skirt as a cover and it just looked like she was innocently sitting on daddys lap. What a naughty little stepdaughter! Finally, Haley thinks that some new polo shirts will really put her in the lead for daughter of the year. She instructs Malina not to tell her dad anything about it. Unfortunately, just like her pussy lips, she couldn’t keep them sealed. She outs Haley right away and spreads her legs wide open for daddy to redeem his last and final gift. Malina rides him just look a good stepdaughter should, and just as daddys about to cum all over her face, Haley gets back with her gift and catches them through the window. Lets just say that Haley now realised Malina is forever going to be daddys number one girl. Better luck next year! HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO ALL YOU PROUD PAPAS OUT THERE!

Published 2016-11-08 12:20:26
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Complicated family

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Her dick cravings

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