Shea is 18 and her life already sucks ass. She is homeless a recovering addict and dead broke! On the bright side she’s hot and willing to cheat on her boyfriend to make a quick buck to keep them off the streets. She not sexually experienced and shy and if not happy I make her talk about her Persian family and what a sinner they would consider her fucking a stranger on film, but I am sure they are not proud of her anyways. I have her masturbate with a magic wand and have her blow me which is surprising above average. Let’s just end with that and say this scene has a surprise ending I was not prepared for!

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Published 2016-01-11 01:38:58
10:00Everybody's got some bills to pay

Everybody's got some bills to pay

about 2 hours ago

10:00Naughty by nature

Naughty by nature

about 3 days ago

10:00Fucked by a machine

Fucked by a machine

about 6 days ago

10:00Dirty Delilah is horny

Dirty Delilah is horny

about 9 days ago

10:00Fucking machine for a slut

Fucking machine for a slut

about 16 days ago

10:00First-time anal masturbation

First-time anal masturbation

about 18 days ago

10:00Fucked with a butt plug in

Fucked with a butt plug in

about 2 months ago

10:00Toying with her hot holes

Toying with her hot holes

about 2 months ago

10:00Barely legal chick being naughty

Barely legal chick being naughty

about 2 months ago

10:00Spreading her legs on a billiard table

Spreading her legs on a billiard table

about 6 months ago

10:00POV fuck with a toy

POV fuck with a toy

about 6 months ago

10:00Cutie using a cue

Cutie using a cue

about 6 months ago

10:00She\'s putting on a show

She\'s putting on a show

about 7 months ago

10:00Cam whore bimbo

Cam whore bimbo

about 7 months ago

10:00Amazing oral skills

Amazing oral skills

about 7 months ago

10:00Doggy style masturbation

Doggy style masturbation

about 7 months ago

10:00AVN babe enjoying herself

AVN babe enjoying herself

about 8 months ago

10:00Bon appetit

Bon appetit

about 8 months ago

10:00Tatted-up French Canadian bombshell

Tatted-up French Canadian bombshell

about 8 months ago

10:00Stiff cock for a canuck hottie

Stiff cock for a canuck hottie

about 8 months ago

10:00POV blowjob from a beauty

POV blowjob from a beauty

about 10 months ago

10:00Innocent hottie shows naughtier side

Innocent hottie shows naughtier side

about 10 months ago

10:00Broke teen masturbating

Broke teen masturbating

about 10 months ago

10:00She's both dirty and innocent

She's both dirty and innocent

about 10 months ago

10:00She needs the money bad

She needs the money bad

about 10 months ago

10:00Amateur cutie masturbating

Amateur cutie masturbating

about 10 months ago

10:00Building a tsunami sized orgasm

Building a tsunami sized orgasm

about 12 months ago

10:00Delighted to explore her anatomy

Delighted to explore her anatomy

about 12 months ago

10:00Cock-craving teenager enjoys the cock

Cock-craving teenager enjoys the cock

about 1 year ago

10:00Tight pussy teen babe bends over & exposes pussy

Tight pussy teen babe bends over & exposes pussy

about 1 year ago